Q: How did you learn about GO!? 

Victor: – It all started some years ago when I was invited to Essity’s University Challenge, where students were asked to submit innovative ideas and solutions to challenges in the health and hygiene product industry. Me and my friend decided to take part in the competition, and we won despite the tough competition from university students in other countries. As a prize, we were offered an internship at Essity, where I heard about the GO! Program and was encouraged to apply.

Natalie: – For me, the story is a bit different. When I was close to graduation, I knew I wanted to work internationally and when I found out about GO! it seemed like a much better option than a traditional trainee program since it was more like a real job. What I also found exciting was the opportunity to work directly with products that help people in their everyday life.

Q: Describe the 24 months long program 

Natalie: – GO! was more or less tailored to lead up to my current position at Essity. At the start, I sat down with my manager and laid out a plan. I then got to rotate every six months to learn about different aspects of the business. I found it interesting to learn more about the customer’s perspective since I normally work with technological development and innovation. On top of that, we also attended different modules where we got to meet the other GO! graduates, which was so much fun and extremely valuable.

Victor: – The learning and development modules, where you got to learn and share experiences with other graduates was something I also really enjoyed. But apart from that, my program looked somewhat different from Natalie’s. In my case, I shifted between two departments with a focus on e-commerce. For example, I was responsible for driving e-commerce sales for Tork, one of Essity’s global brands.

“Attending Essity GO! was a really important step in my career” 

Q: Describe your current roles at Essity 

Natalie: – I work with welfare technology and am responsible for an Internet of Things (IoT) initiative developing sensors attached to incontinence products. This is a very important job that really contributes to increased quality of life. In the end, dignity and quality of care are what most of Essity’s products are all about.

Victor: – As an Account Specialist for Tork I look after our distributors’ web shops through running campaigns and optimizing our brand presence in order to meet our customer needs. Attending GO! was a really important step in my career.

Thank you Natalie & Victor